The Importance of 2 Minutes of Quiet Time, and How to Get Yours

Silence is hard to come by at the best of times, but when you're at work, it can feel like there's a constant chorus of noise distracting you from the job at hand.

Even when no one's talking, there's still the sound of passing cars, your desk mate crunching on hummus chips and the hum of the well-intentioned '90s playlist in the background. Take all of that away and you'd still have the inner workings of the mind coaching (or goading) you towards your next deadline or reminding you of all the super-important things you've forgotten to do.

When you're feeling up against it, all the extra background noise could hamper our ability to conquer a project or ace that spreadsheet. In fact, studies have found that all of this noise pollution we're subjected to could raise our blood pressure and according to the World Health Organisation, it can release extra cortisol, aka the stress hormone, into our systems.

Thing is, the answer isn't actually all that extreme—ask any wellness expert and they'll tell you the key to overcoming a stressful situation or a hard day at work is to take a moment out to recalibrate. And we're not talking a three-hour meditation session either. Further studies have proven that just two minutes of silence every day can calm a mind better than even the most relaxing of music. 

Now, we highly doubt you work in a hermetically sealed office with top grade sound-proofing and noise-cancelling headphones are perhaps a little anti-social, so I get if the idea of finding two minutes of true silence in the office just doesn't seem doable.

But we're certain that there are tactics you can employ to find a little bit of headspace none the less. We asked a handful of women who work in high-pressured roles managing large teams how they manage to find a little serenity in their workday. May their advice rub off on you too.