Go-To Healthy Breakfast and Snack Ideas From Twice the Health

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When it comes to Instagram, there are plenty of fitness stars out there who are tough to relate to, but Twice the Health’s Hannah and Emily (also known as H and E) are pretty normal. They eat pasta, enjoy chocolate and are happy to make fun of the fact they like to put black beans in their brownie recipe. They also love to move, whether it’s running, cycling, weightlifting or HIIT. In short, they eat well, move with intention and aren’t afraid to treat themselves every once in a while. The duo seems to have perfect balance, and we want to know their secrets, which is why we questioned them on everything from motivation to their go-to snacks. If you want to hear more from Twice the Health, they’ll be making an appearance at Be:Fit London on Sunday, 30 April, talking about how to set yourself challenges away from the scale.

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BYRDIE UK: How do you motivate yourself to work out when you're not in the mood, any tricks to help our readers always be fit?

TWICE THE HEALTH: There’s no denying we all struggle occasionally with the motivation to move, but luckily for us, usually the other can pull some motivation out of the bag. We’re driven by our goals, so a gentle reminder that we’re soon to be climbing the Great Wall of China is usually enough to get us up and out. We know our bodies need to be looked after, and well trained to complete the challenge, and the excitement of what’s to come is plenty to keep us powering through.

BYRDIE UK: Wow, climbing the Great Wall of China is intense.

TTH: Yes! It’s a 50k run through China, covering as much of it along the Great Wall as possible. To do this, we need to improve our endurance, strength and stamina. It’s set to be a long run, so working on challenging the mind over the matter will also be key in completing the challenge.

BYRDIE UK: Do you have any go-to healthy breakfasts and snacks you can share?

TTH: Go-to healthy breakfasts often involve eggs, some form of cheese and one of our favourite Warburton thins. If we’ve trained hard beforehand, we may add a meat portion, too, to boost the protein levels. Saying this, some days all we crave is something sweet, so we’ll turn to a trusty bowl of oats to satisfy this, topped with ManiLife peanut butter, a sprinkling of Spoon Granola and a square of Doisy & Dam chocolate. When it comes to snacks, we always have a Bounce Ball to hand. Its new vegan range is better than even we expected! We’re also huge fans of The Mindful Bites nut butter sachets, packing in a healthy serving of those key fats needed to keep body and mind ticking over!


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BYRDIE UK: What's the most useful or important piece of fitness advice you have learnt?

TTH: Do what you love, and don’t be ashamed to stick to it. Be it boot camp or barre, fitness should be all about enjoyment, and the excited feeling you get knowing you’re building a healthier, stronger, happier you! Believe it or not, we sometimes fancy something different when it comes to getting in our session. Whilst H is a sucker for sweaty class, be it Barry’s or Un1t, E will always favour a squat session at one of the many Virgin Actives located across the city. There are so many options these days, so it’s easier to find a form of exercise you love.

Do what you love, and don’t be ashamed to stick to it.

Twice the Health

BYRDIE UK: Do you have an exercise move and why?

TTH: This is a tricky one, as it depends on the sweat scenario! If we’re talking compound movements, it would be split down the middle. Deadlifts for H, kept super simple with a barbell Romanian deadlift working those hamstrings. For E, it would be your classic back squat, building the booty and strengthening the quads. Both of these are full-body movements, and ones we’ve been working to improve on with the Foundry team over the last few months. Exercises such as these are crucial components in building a more active core, and stronger body, both of which will be crucial for our challenge.


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BYRDIE UK: What are your favourite pieces of fit kit?

TTH: Mini resistance bands are must have for us. You can pack them into the smallest of spaces, meaning they are excellent when travelling and can be easily shoved in your gym bag ahead of a session. We actually took ours to a festival we attended over the summer and managed to squeeze in a short, sweet and very sweaty workout using just these on our bodyweight in the campsite car park.

BYRDIE UK: Do you take supplements—if so, which ones?

TTH: Supplements are something we have never taken huge amounts of, as we find often we can source key vitamins and minerals from food. If we’re on the go all day and unable to grab something quick post-workout, we’ll pack a scoop of Reflex vegan protein (£29) to shake up with either a splash of almond milk or, if limited, just water. We find it’s super soft on our stomach, and it is packed with only the good stuff! H has begun taking magnesium to help aid sleep, relax muscles and boost muscle recovery.

When the training is tough and continually increasing in volume, it’s important we support our recovery as much as possible. It can also maintain electrolyte balance and reduce fatigue. E sometimes takes a vitamin D supplement throughout the winter months whilst the sun is either hiding or too low to benefit. Everybody is different, and there is not a blanket suggestion as to what you should take. It’s all about what works for you!

BYRDIE UK: Who do you follow on Instagram for fitness inspiration?

TTH: The list is never-ending, and we’re proud to call many of them our best buds. Zanna van Dijk, Hazel Wallace, Tally Rye, Alice Liveing, Steph Elswood, Chessie King, Em Furey, Mollie Bylett, as well as Shona Vertue, Cat Meffan, Charlotte Holmes, Model Fit Life and, of course, Firecracker Fitness.

BYRDIE UK: We need to know, what does a typical week of exercise look like for you both?

TTH: This is such a tricky question, as our week varies almost as much as our dinner! Some days we’re on the road, running to our hearts’ content; other weeks we’re tearing things up on the floor of Un1t. Our schedule totally depends on our work and travel plans, meaning some weeks we stick to structure and other weeks we squeeze in sessions wherever possible. If we were to suggest a rough guideline, we’d say 2x HIIT classes, 3x strength sessions and one run. Our training levels are particularly intense right now ahead of our Great Wall run, so we also incorporate at least one (normally two!) rest days in!

BYRDIE UK: What’s your life mantra?

TTH: Burpees are always better buddied up! Simple but true, even the worst-case scenario can be made better with a buddy!

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