Why Your Skin Needs THIS Cupboard Spice



Turmeric is not new. The cupboard spice is a mainstay in traditional Asian cooking. In India, it is known as “the Golden Goddess” and has been used for more than 4000 years in medicine to protect the body and increase vitality. And the science suggests they were onto something all those years ago.

In a recent study conducted by the University College London, the spice was found to positively affect overall health and even change DNA. Taking a sample of 100 people, one group was given a placebo and another a turmeric supplement, while the final group was given turmeric powder to add to their food. But scientists found that only the group that experienced any benefit was the group that added turmeric powder to their food.

Dr. Martin Widschwendter, a professor at UCL, said that they found one gene that showed the biggest difference in those that had taken turmeric powder daily: “What’s interesting is that we know this particular gene is involved in four specific diseases: depression, asthma, eczema, and cancer. This is a really striking finding.”

While the results need further studies to complement the findings, it is clear that turmeric is a wonder product we could all benefit from using day-to-day. And it’s not just your health that will improve; there are other areas too. Keep scrolling to see how this spice’s skin benefits can help perfect your complexion…

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Opening Image: Camp Collection