This Proves How Important #TrueStory Day Really Is

How much of what you share on Instagram and your IG story is curated? We're going to hazard a guess and say about 80% of it is, while that 20% slither is probably taken on a drunken night out and quickly deleted when you wake up and realise what you've done. Why do we think this? Because we do the exact same.



Stocksy/Lyuba Burakova

We take photos, videos or boomerangs and then whack a filter on it (we're firm fans of Oslo), add some text and voilà, it's Instagram Story–ready. And 80% of the time the actual content we're uploading is curated, too. It's a perfectly positioned photograph, a directed video or a boomerang you've taken so many times your hand hurts. But before we move any further, we want to say that it is totally fine to curate your own content. We live in the age of the internet, after all. But isn't it about time we shared the truth behind our days, too? Enter #TrueStory day.

We decided to call Tuesday 19 June #TrueStory day on our account. This month's theme on Byrdie is Every Body. So instead of the usual beach body countdowns you see in magazines and websites across the globe, we're celebrating our bodies just the way they are right now. We're also keen to break down the barriers built up by social media. (You know, the beautifully filtered images and the "perfect life" myth.) We want to show our followers (and yours) that we all have real, unfiltered moments—from spilling coffee on our white trousers to getting spots on our faces. Life happens, and it isn't always Instagram Story–worthy.

We asked you to join us and share your #TrueStory image or video on your G story and boy did you deliver. Below are some of your stories, and we'd love it if you could continue to share your #TrueStory. 


The simple fact that so many of you got involved shows just how important it is to share our unfiltered lives on Instagram. Things aren't always perfect, and we need to be reminded of that. To support the movement, we'd love you to use the hashtag #TrueStory, direct your followers to and nominate friends to do the same—we'll be updating this gallery as we go along, so get involved.