Tory Burch Launches Eponymous Fragrance

It wasn’t her mother or even her grandmother who inspired Tory Burch’s debut fragrance. Instead, she turned to the men in her family. “My father wore Vetiver by Guerlain,” Burch says of the cologne she eventually adopted for herself. “It’s traditionally a masculine scent, but versatile enough for women as well.” So it’s not surprising that vetiver’s at the core of the eponymous scent Burch created with Estee Lauder. The top notes include grapefruit and neroli, with a heart of jasmine and tuberose before the vetiver hits, all part of Burch’s most important requirement: “I wanted it to be a mix of tomboy and feminine.”

The designer was surprised at just how much she enjoyed learning about the “science of fragrance,” Burch says. “It was interesting to smell the different notes and see how they mixed together.” Her interest in the packaging, however, and the aesthetics of both the fragrance and the capsule collection of colour and bath products, was to be expected. Burch took her inspiration from her mother’s collection of vintage perfume bottles, but covered the classic shapes with her signature orange and gold. “We approach our brand as a lifestyle and want to think about beauty that way, too,” she adds, meaning the fragrance is just the beginning of a full-fledged beauty line. For now, you can satiate yourself with the Tory Burch Fragrance ($82) and the designer’s capsule collection of colour cosmetics. Burch’s favourite? The Lip & Cheek Tint ($38). “My beauty routine is about ‘less is more,’” she says. “We wanted to offer a few products that would simplify things for women.” Mission accomplished.