Topshop's Lip Kit Is Seriously Versatile


Amy Lawrenson

Topshop has just answered our makeup prayers with a new lip kit that hasn't sold out. The £18 kit comes housed in a compact silver tin. Inside sits a lip liner, lip paint, lip mattifier and lip glitter, while the outer packaging boasts "three finishes in one kit." And they're not lying. I thought I could get a sneaky fourth look out of the tin by wearing the lip liner alone, but this pencil has been formulated for two reasons: to act as a coloured base and a primer for the following lip products to adhere to. It's not nourishing and comfortable; it's built to help those products stick to your lips really well.

For a sheeny look, you apply the lip paint—this gives your lips a glow. It's not super glossy; it's more sophisticated than that (in a sort of Studio 54 kinda way). Fancy a matte lip? You still have to apply the lip paint, as this offers much-needed comfort. You then tap, tap, tap a little of the lip mattifier over the top. You don't need much, but you do need to keep tapping until it turns matte. Just like the gloss, this isn't a pendulum swing all the way to the other end of the texture spectrum. It's matte, but not in a dry, super-Instagram-y way.

The last look to come out of the tin is the one you wear for the all-important money shot or Boomerang—the glitter lip. Having gone matte, I slicked a little more lip paint on top before tapping the lip glitter on top. I'm not going to lie to you: I got glitter all over my hands, through my hair, in my teeth. But it looked good.

This multipurpose kit is going to be my holiday- and festival-beauty hero. Plus, it comes in six shades, from deep mauve to nude, so I will of course be collecting them all. I road tested the shade Crazy Beautiful, a coral-red hue. Keep scrolling to see the different looks and to buy the Topshop Lip Kit.