Topshop Can't Keep This Highlighter for Glowing Skin in Stock

Here at Byrdie HQ, we're always excited to discover new and niche beauty products so we can tell you all about them. But on the flip side, we also love knowing about the big hitters. What are the best red lipsticks, for example? Or the most popular concealers? What we're saying is if a product is super in demand and always a sellout, then we want, nay have to know about it. Although it's always great to be ahead of the curve, if a product works, then it works. And if it just so happens to come from one of the biggest high-street stores, even better.

According to our sources, this one product from Topshop Beauty constantly sells out, and the moment it's restocked, it goes in seconds. The shop sells so much of the stuff in a year that it's enough to fill a London cab; it weighs the same as a baby elephant; and if that year's supply of product was stacked up, it would be four times taller than the Shard. The emoji you're looking for is shocked ghost face. So what is it we're talking about? Keep scrolling to shop the biggest Topshop beauty product that you need in your life.