Topshop Beauty Has Relaunched—Here Are 3 Incredible Ways to Wear It

When the original Topshop Beauty line was discontinued, everyone got a bit jittery. Topshop customers everywhere were stockpiling loads of Glow Pot and Rio Rio lipstick. Thankfully, today, Topshop Beauty has relaunched. At last, we can all breathe a sigh of relief because the old favourites are back in sleek, grown-up packaging. Oh, and there are also some new additions.

Topshop's Global Design Director, Anthony Cuthbertson, knows that whilst Topshop generally speaks to younger girls, the Boutique line is catered to young women (otherwise known as the lost generation who grew up with Topshop). Well, the new Topshop Beauty line has done a stellar job of speaking to all generations with an interest in cosmetics. There are makeup-bag staples such as liquid foundations, concealers and pressed powders. You can also expect Sheer and Cream Lipsticks (£10) with a finish that anyone would love. On the flipside, there are Longwear Liquid Lipsticks (£12) and a wardrobe of highlighters that will appeal to the younger (and young-at-heart) shoppers.

The new collection is also tailored to those customers who love experimenting with their makeup—be it for themselves or their Instagram followers. There's the Ultra Gloss in Glass (£10) and Ultra Matte in Blurred (£10) that transform the finish of any product. Apart from all the new and rereleased products, there is an array of beauty tools on offer—including a Silicone Sponge Blender (£5), which I'm told does a good job of blending and won't soak up your precious foundation (it also resembles a breast implant).

And, as I mentioned, you can find the cult Glow Pot (£12) and Rio Rio Lipstick (£10) in this collection. Oh, and the Chameleon Highlighter (£15) is almost exactly the same as its previous version.

To put the new products to the test, makeup artist Georgina Graham (who created the Topshop Beauty campaign shots you'll see on the website and in stores) pulled together three party looks for you to try this season. Think vinyl eyes, matte lips and dewy skin—all perfect for the holidays ahead. Keep scrolling to get inspired.

Photographer: Benjamin Madgwick

Makeup Artist: Georgina Graham

Creative Direction and Styling: Amy Lawrenson

Hairstylist: Aamna @ Ambreen Makeup

Models: Shaderska @ Wild.London; Nicole @ Models1.