I Try Hundreds of Skincare Products—These Are the 11 I Always Recommend

As much as I love makeup (and boy, do I love makeup), skincare is the area of the beauty industry I find most joy in experimenting with. Yes, the stakes tend to be higher (which I found out after contracting eczema after mixing too many skincare formulas), but when you find those products that seem to make your entire complexion a whole lot glowier, the rewards are far sweeter.

I've tried countless serums, made my way through hundreds of cleansers and have tested more facial oils than I care to add up, but it's often the same products that I find myself coming back to—the same ones I extol the virtues of to anyone who will listen. Below, I've listed the 11 skincare products I always recommend—I'm certain you'll find your slice of glowy skin joy within this lineup too.