This Is the Best Move to Tone Your Bum—Fast

A toned bum should be worn like a medal. The only problem is that sometimes firming up a curvy rear is easier said than done. Squats and lunges aren't exactly the most enticing workout moves or the most fun to do (speaking from bad knee experience here), which is why we went in search of a move that gives quick results without the monotony of a squat. 

Fitness expert Cindy Leos let us in on one exercise that tones several muscle areas at once and can also be done three different ways: "One of my favourite effective exercises for lifting the booty is elevated bridging. And yes, it not only targets the booty, but it also strengthens the hamstrings, inner thighs, and tummy. And it's even more effective if you can place your feet on an elevated object, such as a bed, chair, sofa, etc," says Leos. She explains that the inner thighs help support the hamstrings and the hamstrings help support the glutes, so naturally you need to sculpt your thighs in order to sculpt your derriere. Makes sense, right?

 The first variation of the bridge exercise is placing your feet on an object of your choosing, hip-width apart. The formation should look similar to the video below:


"Make sure the pulses are smooth and controlled and the movement is executed from the glutes. Be sure to not come up too high on the bridge to avoid arching the back, and keep the tummy pulled in and thighs parallel," says Leos. She also encourages you to exhale as you lift while squeezing your booty as you pulse up and down for a recommended 20 pulses.

The next variation is pulling the heels in together so that they're in a V position, keeping your toes fist-width apart (emulating a "frog position").  Leos recommends squeezing the heels together throughout the entire exercise to activate the inner thighs and glutes. Complete 20 pulses, keeping your bum tight.

The third variation is to place your heels on the elevated object while keeping the feet hip-width apart and parallel. Press into the heels, flex the toes back, and draw the tummy in. Repeat for 20 pulses. See below:


Leos recommends repeating each of these variations three times for one serious booty-lifting workout. Before you know it, you'll have a toned, firm bum.

Ed note: Quotes have been edited and shortened for content.

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