Dear, Brunettes: "Toasted Coconut" Hair Is the New Way to Lighten Your Locks

Just because the seasons are changing doesn't mean we have to let go of all summery things. Highlighter will keep us glowing and highlighted hair will keep us looking sun-kissed. 

As for the latter, we just need to update our look to be seasonally appropriate. Instead of the bright, golden blonde balayage we've been seeing all summer, we're thinking of switching it up to something a little smokier. That's where Instagram's newest hair colour trend comes in. According to Allure, the buzziest way to go blonde is by dyeing your hair a shade of "toasted coconut." Yes, that name makes us feel immediately hungry. No, it doesn't involve putting actual coconut in your hair. Keep scrolling to see "toasted coconut" hair.

Now please excuse us while we book a salon appointment. In the meantime, be sure to check out the cult L.A. hair line that's just launched in the UK.