This Hair Mask Is a Trip to the Salon in a Bottle

If trips to the salon came in bottle form, they’d be packaged as TIGI’s Colour Goddess Miracle Treatment Mask ($19)—a hair mask that smells so delicious that I initially mistook it for vanilla buttercream frosting. As my senses embarked on a joy ride, I massaged a quarter-size dollop of the mask into my medium-length hair, put it up in a bun, and covered my head with a shower cap as I continued showering like a beauty editor. The result: my best hair day ever. Boasting a low pH formula that closes the cuticle and locks down pigment after colouring, the euphoria-inducing goop gave me post-salon strands—high gloss shine, softness and fresh colour—despite the fact that my hair hasn’t been touched by a professional in three months.

And while the label recommends using it weekly, I can’t go a day without slathering it on my hair. Case in point: I’ve used up half the container in just two weeks. Frizz, knots, dull colour? Puh-lease. This mask has my hair’s back for good.