The Perfect Blush Colour for Your Complexion

Blush may, at times, have been overshadowed by bold lips and cat eyes, but that’s all changing thanks to new affordable and prestige formulas (from creams to stains), coupled with the fact that winter is always a great time to start adding a bit more colour to your face. 

But how do you pick a shade that complements your complexion? We chatted with makeup artist Katey Denno—who works with Amanda Seyfried, Isla Fisher, Mindy Kaling and more—for guidance. “Blush is all about making the rest of the face brighter and fresher,” Denno says. “The goal is to pick a shade that matches the colour of your cheeks when you have a natural flush.”

Once you get the right shade, picking a formula is easy: If you’re prone to breakouts, or have oily skin, go for a powder formula. A cream or stain is good for clear skin and darker complexions, but needs to be reapplied after a few hours. If you want a bold, colourful cheek, try layering a powder formula over a stain or cream—it’ll last the longest. Copy your post-workout glow, or just click through our slideshow for Denno’s expert recommendations.