The £5 Serum That Everyone's Obsessed With Right Now

Brandon Truaxe—founder of Deciem, the company that brought us Fountain (beauty supplements), Niod and Hylamide—is on a one-man mission to shake up the beauty world. And never has it been more obvious than with his new brand, The Ordinary. You see, The Ordinary is a range of stupidly affordable products. There is a 2% retinoid at £8, a combination of hyaluronic and lactic acids for £6 and a 23% vitamin c for just £5.

Essentially, what The Ordinary does is bottle the ingredients that are so often hyped up and, in turn, marked up, but for a fraction of the price. Simply add a couple of drops of your chosen concoction to your usual serum morning and night.

I’m obsessed with Buffet in particular, which is slightly pricier at £13 (but still won’t break the bank). It’s a combination of five different peptide complexes (like Syn-Ake and Matrixyl 3000) that help to relax stressed out muscles that cause lines; as well as a combination of probiotics, skin-friendly amino acids and hyaluronic acids that will leave your complexion smooth, plump and healthy-looking. Essentially it’s like a buffet for your skin, it will pick and choose what it needs and you’ll still have plenty of change from a £20.

Next up! The bad-for-you ingredient that's great for your hair.

This article was originally published 5 September 2016.