The New £6 Foundation Our Editor Is Obsessed With

The Ordinary has made waves as a no-nonsense skincare brand that’s won over beauty editors, and it’s about to launch two foundations. Until now, the chic, no-frills line has delivered high-tech ingredients at a fraction of the cost we’re all used to. But until now, it’s very much been aimed at beauty obsessives with a good level of skincare knowledge. Why? It focuses on ingredients rather than solutions, so you need to know what alpha-lipoic acid and retinoids are going to do for your skin to make you want to buy it. If you do know, then you understand that these ingredients are potent and a real steal.

Now The Ordinary is taking on the cosmetics market, and having met the founder Brandon Truaxe, I’d guess he thought “go big or go home,” which is why he’s launching a stellar lineup of foundations (one of the trickier products to get right). Such is the popularity of The Ordinary that the retailer has already clocked up a 25,000 waiting list ahead of the launch later this month. Keep reading to find out more about this much-anticipated foundation.

Rather than launch just one formula, Truaxe has created two that address different women’s needs. The first is the Serum Foundation SPF 15 (£6), which is liquid in texture and offers a light to medium finish. The Coverage Foundation SPF 15 (£6) has the same lightweight feel (perhaps a tad thicker) but is richer in pigment to offer a full-coverage finish that doesn’t look cakey. They both give a semi-matte finish, are long-lasting and won’t collect in any fine lines or creases. Essentially, they give you the illusion that you’re wearing no makeup—it’s your skin, but better.

When it comes to colour matching, the foundations are pretty forgiving. The pigments are suspended in such a way that the 21 shades (in each texture) look so natural you can get away with being one shade lighter or darker and it will still look good. In short, there is less margin for error when you’re shade matching. Shades range from Very Fair through to Very Deep, and each comes in various undertones (for example, you can get the medium shade with pink undertones, 2.1 P, or yellow, 2.1 Y).

So which would I recommend—the serum or the coverage? Essentially they are both pretty lightweight and easy to wear. At this price, I’d buy both: Serum for Sundays, good skin days and holidays and Coverage for all the other days that my skin needs a little helping hand. The foundations launch mid-April, but you’d be wise to join the waiting list. In the meantime, check out The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% Peeling Solution (£7), a liquid peel that gently but effectively exfoliates the top layer of the skin to leave it looking brighter and fresher.

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