The Newest Does-It-All For Skin: CC Cream

We know what you’re wondering: are CC creams the next big thing or just another alphabet fad? The name is short for colour correcting and they are, in fact, poised to claim the pedestal BB creams have occupied for the past two years. Why? Think of them as new and improved BBs, but with two big upgrades: tone-correcting ingredients and a lighter finish. Like their BB cream cousins, CC creams first gained popularity in Asia, are part skincare and part makeup, hydrate, prime, have a light tint, and most feature built-in SPF. Unlike BBs, however, the CCs have a lighter texture, a less opaque finish, and soak in more like a moisturizer than a foundation. They also help to even skin tone, both immediately and over time, thanks to pigments that blur spots and redness, and a cocktail of ingredients that brighten skin with continued use.

The next generation, DD creams, aren’t far behind (you can pre-order Julep’s ‘dynamic do-all’ now), and though Chanel never launched a BB Cream they’re set to release their CC (already available in Asia) next month. There aren’t many on stateside counters yet, but here are six to start with.