Everyone's Going Crazy for This £15 Moisturiser

I have very fond memories of The Body Shop. It was the place I used to hit every Saturday when I went "into town" with my friends. I'd meet them at Virgin to look at new albums (hello, yes, I know I sound old; I totally use Spotify all the time now though, so it's okay), and then make a beeline for The Body Shop to check out new makeup and hope that its new black eyeliner would make that boy I fancied look twice at me. It was also the place I would buy the (still classic) Shea body butter and spritz myself with Dewberry body spray (RIP).

But over the past few years, the high-street stalwart had fallen off my radar for reasons unknown. However, after I received a package of the new products in the Byrdie office a few months ago, I decided to test the Vitamin E day cream. This was an update on the brand's classic moisturiser (which used to come with a SPF 15), but I was intrigued by the "emulsion" description of the product that promised to be more lightweight. The results? Well, not only has this moisturiser made me want to shop The Body Shop's skincare range again, I'm also the proud owner of glowing skin (without having spent tonnes to do it either). To find out why you should buy this moisturiser too, I suggest you keep scrolling to read the review of the product and why you should definitely be shopping it right now.


When selecting a moisturiser, I look for two things initially: Does it moisturise my skin (obvs), and does it sink in quickly? The first reason is clear, but the second? Well, I like to be able to add my moisturiser and then not have to wait around to be able to apply my makeup. Simple, really, and I imagine what a lot of others look for when selecting theirs. 

There are reasons why this product does exactly what I want, including the fact that it contains glycerin—the humectant that gives my skin added moisture. Not only that, it's lightweight so doesn't take forever to be absorbed by the skin. In addition, it has an SPF 30, which an absolute must for everyone these days who wants to protect their skin.

But I'm not the only one who thinks this is a totally affordable wonder product. The many (many) reviews on The Body Shop back up my thoughts, with customers saying that it's "lovely base for foundation" and "skin feels very hydrated so much so I have been using this also at night for extra moisture."

So far you're probably only a little persuaded. How about that it's also been raved about across the blogging world? In fact, one of the most popular UK beauty bloggers, The Sunday Girl, gave it a glowing review last year when it was first launched and said it's "not only great for oily complexions but anyone who enjoys a lighter-than-air consistency too." 

She also stated that "it absorbs super quickly, and settles to an almost powder like finish (that is comfortable to wear), making it the perfect base for make-up application or general oil control - before make-up or not." So, for a mere £15, this moisturiser means you can ditch your serum and primer, making it even more of a bargain. You can't afford not to get this stuff. 

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