Chef Tess Ward Shares Her #BreakfastGreens Recipes

Thanks to avocados and kale smoothies, the idea of consuming green foods for breakfast is no longer given the side eye or eye roll. Once upon a time, breakfast was very much a beige affair—think white toast and Rice Krispies—but these days the more colourful and, now this is key, savoury, the better. Kick-starting the day with a plate of savoury food can help you avoid getting the taste for sweet treats later in the day. While avocado on wholemeal toast topped with egg has become the go-to trendiest breakfast around, #breakfastgreens is slowly gaining steam on Instagram. The idea is that you pack your first meal of the day with plenty of vitamin-rich skin-friendly green vegetables, which sets you nicely on the path to reaching your five-a-day quota of veggies. Plus forgoing the avo every once in a while means your brekkie won't be quite so calorie-laden. We called on the super-talented chef and author of the impossibly chic book The Naked Diet (£15), Tess Ward, to create two #breakfastgreens recipes for you to try. Keep scrolling for Tess's recipes; they're so tasty and so green they would make Kermit proud.