This Brand New Airbrush Makeup Device Is GLORIOUS

These days, it seems like every product under the sun promises an airbrushed” finish; just pick up any foundation, primer, or blush you’ll see what we mean. There’s just one small thing, though: Very few of them actually use airbrush technology. Though they might mimic the effect of airbrushed makeup with blurring and smoothing ingredients, they’re still not the real thing—just like that off-brand bag that almost looks like Chloé if you squint hard enough will never replace the genuine, buttery soft original. Up until now, actual airbrush makeup has mainly been reserved for editorial shoots and backstage runway—mostly due to the requisite hose and compressor, which aren’t exactly travel-friendly. That’s why a brand-new launch has us majorly freaking out. Enter: Temptu’s Air ($195), the first-ever handheld, cordless airbrush makeup device. This little gadget makes airbrush makeup easy for everyone (read: non-makeup artists) and gives you a smooth, Photoshopped, truly airbrushed finish without the giant machine. Curious? Keep scrolling to find out how it works!