You’ll NEVER Believe What People Are Doing for Bigger Lips

To say Kylie Jenner started a lip revolution isn’t an exaggeration—it’s a fact. Sure, women were obsessing over fuller lips and getting injections before Jenner was even born, but it wasn’t until she rose to #plushpout fame that it became a full-blown cultural phenomenon (there’s a reason “Kylie Jenner” is now an acceptable adjective to describe someone’s lips). After the whole #KylieJennerLipChallenge fiasco involving what can only be described as a suction cup torture device, you’d think we had seen the end of all the surprising means to a (full-lipped) end—not the case. An editor at Cosmopolitan Australia just posted a story that documented yet another way you can achieve fuller lips—tattoos, obviously. Hold up, what?! Allow us to clarify—the tattoo only goes around the edge of your lips, much like permanent lip liner. The result? A fuller, more pillowy, Kylie-esque pout. Keep scrolling to see her before and after!