Editor Confessions: I Use a 24-Karat Gold Lip Balm

A 24-karat lip balm sounds decadent, at best, and a huge waste of money, at worst. After all, why put gold on your lips—where it lasts so fleetingly—when you can wear it around your neck, layer it on your wrist, or clasp it to your ear? That said, the delicate, 24-karat gold leaf in Tatcha’s Camellia Nourishing Lip Balm ($36) adds just the right amount of luxury to a product that more than lives up to the hype. (Full disclosure: I also just enjoy saying I use a 24-karat gold lip balm).

As someone who considers herself quite the lip balm aficionado, I admit that I wasn’t expecting to feel strongly about this product—mainly because I like my balms to deliver a tint of colour. But this clear, luxurious balm has earned a permanent place in my purse for one reason alone: it works so damn well.

Allow me to describe what happens when you use this product for the first time. First, you’ll unscrew the lid and gasp in delight at the pretty, paper-thin gold leaf. Then, you’ll dip your finger in the cushiony balm and your heart will break a little as the gold leaf disintegrates. Finally, you’ll apply the balm to your lips and marvel at how incredibly soothing and moisturizing it is.

Made with squalane, a super-hydrating oil that’s naturally occurring in our own bodies, and camellia oil, an amazing natural emollient, this little balm left my lips feeling (and looking) nourished for hours—and I do mean hours. Unlike other balms, it isn’t the slightest bit sticky, but instead goes on cushiony soft and leaves just the right amount of sheen. Lastly, it’s free of all mineral oils, synthetic fragrances, sulfate detergents, and parabens. Basically, it’s the perfect product for anyone who suffers from dry lips, or just wants their lips to feel plump and moisturized. So: everyone.


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