I've Been Using This "Starter Serum," and I Haven't Worn Makeup Since

Though I'm expected to try an endless rotation of skincare products for the sake of reviews and maintaining a knowledge of the market as an editor, my outside-of-work self is quite brand-loyal. It's tough for me to work a new product into my routine and keep it there for more than a week or two. You can find my entire routine here, but the gist is this: I know what I like. And what I like is instant gratification.

Blame it on my age (I'm a millennial) or buying habits (who doesn't like a return on their investment?), but I appreciate (and often expect) getting my skincare results by the next morning. This is why I'm a devotee of all things acids: lactic, glycolic, salicylic, hyaluronic and the like. They all tend to offer an instant transformation of sorts. And of course, my beloved vitamin C serum brightens and evens my sallow skin by morning.

Such is the reason I've been a fan of Tata Harper's skincare for so long. Tata chooses real, good ingredients for all her products that are not only natural but also shockingly effective. She's also a fan of AHAs (my faves), so I find we're kindred souls in the skincare department. So when she reached out to me to try her newest serum, I jumped at the chance.

Turns out it's a product she formulated with her Resurfacing Mask (£54) in mind—one of my favourites for a bright, smooth pre–night out canvas and an offering that somehow staves off my Botox appointments.

And there you have it—my skincare routine from start to finish. Trust me—you won't regret any of these purchases.