Street Beauty: 6 Real-Girl Tips from Austin, Texas

South by Southwest is not like other music festivals. There are no festival “grounds”—instead, all of downtown Austin’s various establishments and bars open their doors and serve as stages. And because it’s Texas, the weather doesn’t quite allow for the fringe kimonos and crop tops that you’ve come to expect of festival fashion. Rather, the trending attire of choice was blue and made out of plastic: that would be a free poncho, to protect festival-goers from the torrential downpour.

Nevertheless, the live music raged on and thousands of people—yours truly included—sloshed through Austin to enjoy performances from the best bands around the country. And while we braved the elements (and lengthy lines), we still managed to do what we do best: talk about all things beauty, natch. In between shows, we caught up with six gorgeous strangers on the streets of Austin and asked them for their best beauty tips. Keep scrolling to see what they said!