Is Everything We Thought About Superfoods a Lie?

If you were to rummage around the kitchen of any Byrdie editor, you'd undoubtedly find an array of health elixirs, powders and snacks. Even our desks at the office are peppered with chia-packed nutrition bars, maca and a rainbow of supplements and vitamins, so that we're properly armed whenever a craving or fatigue strikes. Needless to say, we're huge proponents of anything that keeps our bodies balanced and humming efficiently, and we're always down to try the latest health craze.

That being said, we take this all with a grain of (pink Himalayan) salt, knowing that many nutrition fads ultimately have little substance—a notion backed up by a predictable but frustrating cycle of studies that offer conflicting info. But given that there are still many amazingly beneficial foods and supplements that we stand by after years of use, new headlines claiming that the term "superfood" is a myth altogether are definitely disheartening. Have we been wrong this whole time?