Everything You Actually Need to Get in Shape This Summer



“Getting in shape” is a loaded term, but at Byrdie, the meaning is simple: It encompasses anything that makes you feel good, whether that’s healthy eating or discovering a workout you actually enjoy. For me personally, being in shape is having my shit together and finding the time to go swimming, meditate and prep a week’s worth of work lunches that curb the Pret spending.

It isn’t obsessing over the scales or shooting for one so-called “ideal” weight but rather making lifestyle tweaks that result in an “I look damn good” attitude. Call me superficial, but I find that having the perfect kit gets me halfway there. Especially when said kit helps me track my lengths in the pool or cushions my feet while I’m pounding the pavement. Enter: seven new launches that’ll upgrade your fitness game this summer, whether you’re a seasoned runner, a yogi or someone who just need some good music to get moving.