Why I'm Wasting No More of the Summer Having Boring Nails

I went for my first manicure of the summer today, and as lovely as it was, I couldn't help but feel a bit disappointed as I left. The paint job was impeccable, and the hand massage felt divine, but as I look down at the pillarbox red I've elected as my nail shade for the next two weeks, I'm suffering from a major bout of FOMO. I'll tell you for why—the woman in the chair next to me had gone for a much more exciting affair. She was having insane stilleto-shaped extensions applied to her nails, which her manicurist then meticulously painted with an iridescent, milky-looking polish. Dreamy.

If that didn't make me jealous enough, she then proceeded to open multiple pots of finely milled glitters that she patted and sprinkled over the nails, before snipping up tiny bits of holographic acetate and pasting them over a few too. This woman's summer nails were epic. And mine, well, they're regular at best. So I've decided when my current red gels have done their time, I'm going to opt for something far more exciting. And I know exactly where to look for inspiration—DryBy. This is the nail salon where everyone in London goes for super-chic, super-wearable nail art, and as of mid-May, myself included.

Below, I've whittled down my shortlist of the five most incredible summer nails designs to grace their feed. See something you like? You can book into the salon here (manis start at £25), and I would follow DryBy on Instagram if I were you, too.