12 Easy Summer Hairstyle Ideas We're Totally Copying from Zara's Models

"Sun's out, buns out"—at least that's how the saying goes at Byrdie HQ. During the summer months, whether you're hot and sticky in the city, or hot and sticky elsewhere, the goal of a summer hairstyle is to help you keep cool and look chic at the same time. It was during a recent click around the ol' Zara website (for research purposes, of course) that I noticed every single model had a pretty covetable summer hairstyle. From be-ribboned topknots to easy braids and crimping. Yep, Zara is attempting to bring back the '80s hair trend, and you know what? The 2.0 version has me seriously contemplating purchasing a pair of old-school crimpers. Think I've lost my mind?

Click through the gallery to see the crimping in action, plus a host of summer hairstyle ideas to try in the coming months, whether for a wedding, beach jaunt or work.