These Will Be the Haircuts of the Summer, According to London's Top Stylists


Team Boyko/Stringer/Getty Images

There's usually a good reason for a haircut, and we sure like to give them labels. There's the post-breakup cut, the pre-wedding cut, the new-job cut and the "new year, new me" cut. However, our favourite is the summer haircut. It's the cut that marks the arrival of a new season and (hopefully) a new skincare routine and wardrobe to go alongside it.

Of course, there are more practical reasons for getting a summer chop; namely that there's way less maintenance when scraggly ends are cut off for a better shape. As the days of flipping through pages of old hair magazines in the salon reception are past us, we've spoken with the London hairstylists we always have on speed] dial. They're here to give you the lowdown on the summer's biggest haircuts.