Skip the Pricey Pedi: This Surprising £5 Product Cures Cracked Heels



When it comes to the warmer months and slipping on a pair of sandals, I'd argue that most people start to panic about booking in that pedi. Not me. I'm okay about sorting that out. But the back of my feet? Not so much. The thing is (and I'm slightly embarrassed to admit it) that I get really badly cracked heels.

During the summer, it can get so bad, thanks to my daily wearing of open-backed shoes, that I would have to pull out the pumice stone every morning just to keep them in check. And I probably don't need to tell you that no one has time for that. Instead, I end up with heels that gradually get worse until I hide them in a pair of trainers or flats.

However, recently, when I spoke to podiatrist Andrew Gladstone at, I discovered a super-easy trick to tackling my cracked heels once and for all. All it takes is using a bit of this classic cream that pretty much every household owns already. Intrigued?

Keep scrolling to discover the secret to banishing cracked heels.