This Bizarre Stretch Will Help You Fall Asleep

There's nothing worse than having the time to sleep and not being able to drift off. Seriously, what a total nightmare! We've covered many contributing factors—including stress, diet, and technology—that can lead to restlessness at night. Now we have breaking news that can help put an end to all of that tossing an turning. As reported on Mind Body Green, stretching after an aggressively long day can signal your body that it's ok to relax. Our favourite is the crab, a common move in yoga that consists of placing your hands (facing toward your toes or away from your head, based on personal preference) and feet flat on the floor, raising your torso to table top (tummy up, booty down). Be sure to lift the torso off the floor and in line with your knees (no dipping). Now squeeze your glutes. For an extra stretch, tuck up slightly, giving the back and arms a good lengthening. True, this move looks a little ridiculous and totally like a crab at the beach, but we swear it helps the mind and body relax. Pair this stretch with Be Well's Magnesium Vitamins ($24) and enjoy a full night of well-deserved zzzzzzs. 

Remember, if you have been diagnosed with a sleep disorder or have a physical injury, always consult your doctor before incorporating a new remedy.

Have you tried the crab? Did it help? Sound off in the comments!