Is This Noughties Hair Trend Finally Making a Comeback?

Remember when we were all like Hey, put those straighteners down, letting your hair do its own thing is in? Well, that's about to change. As you know, trends move quickly these days, and we're here to say it's okay to use those flatirons again, as Jessica Alba and Kim Kardashian West have totally converted us back to noughties poker-straight hair. 

This week, both the stars have been spotted wearing the sleek look, with Alba rocking it at the Teen Choice Awards and Kardashian West sporting it to a beauty launch in Los Angeles. While both styles are pretty similar, one was for a red carpet event and the other was for a daytime 'do, meaning this hairstyle is truly versatile and easy to wear. Not only that, it gives off a super-polished vibe, so you'll feel in control of your life (even if you're not). 

But here's the modern twist: both have subtle balayage throughout their strands, giving the hair a thicker look (call it contouring for your locks), and meaning you avoid the "wig" effect that can often plague the straightened 'do. Keep scrolling for how we did straight hair in the '00s, plus both Alba and Kardashian West's styles and which products we recommend to copy this look.