Whoa: This Is What a Hair Dryer Used to Look Like

A hair dryer is a beauty tool we use regularly—but we had no idea it had such humble beginnings. Little did we know that dating back to the late 19th century, Thermicon-glazed stoneware hair dryers were the norm.

The wood-handled hollow stones worked like hot water bottles to dry hair when brushed. Imagine adding a trip to the kitchen during your morning regimen! The manufacturer of these particular stones, Hincks & Co, claimed that when the stones were filled with boiling—yes, boiling—water, hair would dry in a few minutes.

Researchers aren't sure how successful these early hair dryers were, but in the 1920s, electrical devices were finally popping up. While these newer models didn't exactly fall into the travel-friendly category, they were definitely an upgrade. Made from wood and coated with Bakelite, they required a massive power source. 

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