15 Hairstyles to Show Off Your Statement Earrings

Statement earrings are big news—about as big as, well, they are. Not only were they spotted on the Versace and Dolce and Gabbana catwalks this season, but they're all over Instagram too. Investing in a knockout pair of ear adornments is just good sense since, like a swipe of red lipstick, the right pair of earrings can make you look polished, without very much effort at all.

The thing is, though, whether you choose a chandelier style, an oversized tassel or something altogether more architectural, the question is how on earth do you wear your hair? There's little point in weighing down your ears with some hefty gems or a mega ear cuff, just to let you hair hang like a curtain over them. And on the flip side, somedays you don't just want to fall back into simple topknot territory. No, you want a hairstyle that frames your earrings in the best possible way.



Courtesy of Redken

We're not the only ones pondering the question. In fact, having also spotted the trend, Redken has just launched a whole new blow dry menu set to provide answers. Ear Candy features a line ip of four seminal, catwalk-inspired but fundamentally wearable hairstyles to show off your statement earrings. The service starts at £35, and is currently only available at Lockonego in Chelsea, London although the brand is hoping for a nationwide rollout in due course—watch this space.

First, head over to our sister site Who What Wear to shop the best statement earrings for every single budget, and while you're waiting for then to arrive try your hand at one of the following 17 hairstyles (including the Redken looks) that will work with any pair of statement earrings.