Star Wars' Daisy Ridley Deadlifts 80kg Like It's Nothing

In case you had any doubts that Star Wars’ enchanting new lead, Daisy Ridley, was fit for the role (literally), allow us to appease them for you. A video from her Instagram has been generating buzz for the simple fact that it shows her deadlifting 80kg like a boss. And not just once, mind you (because what’s the fun in that?). No, Ridley proceeds to lift the giant weights two times in a row with awesome form and a giant smile on her face the entire time. In the caption, she explains that she initially toned up for the film role but has since continued working out simply because it “makes her feel really good.” Watch the video and read her inspiring caption below:


The video was posted four months ago, but it only recently started getting the Internet’s attention—we imagine the start of a new year has people looking for fitness inspiration, and if this video isn’t all the fitspo you’ll need for the rest of the month (or year), we don’t know what is. Say it with us: Strong is beautiful.

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