Stamp Eye Shadow Is 2019's Smoky Eye Update

For years, we've been told the key to a great smoky eye is to blend, blend and blend some more, but now, things might be changing. Celebrity makeup artist Hung Vanngo has been playing around with a new look that we're coining: stamp eye shadow—and it's about to completely change the way you do your smoky eye.

Instead of your classic smoky eye—where eye shadow is blended and diffused until no harsh lines are visible—stamp eye shadow leaves more of an obvious line between the shadow and your skin. It almost looks like it's been transferred onto your skin, hence the stamp moniker, and we're into it.

Vanngo plays around with different colours and textures of eye shadow (showcasing the looks on his Instagram), but one thing remains the same: the bold eye look is taken horizontally out towards the brow bone, giving a feline look to the eye.

Want to try the look for yourself? Focus the darkest shades towards the outer corners of your eyes, and through the socket crease. Then use glitter or shimmer on your eye lid to help give the look dimension. Need more inspiration? Keep scrolling…