These Products Will Be Sold Out in 4 Months, According to a Beauty Buyer

When it comes to beauty products, we come from two different camps. There are beauty enthusiasts who can't settle on just a few products and instead continually try every new and interesting offering that comes to market. Then there are the loyalists. The women (and men) who know what brands they like and stick to them. I fall somewhere in between, generally afraid of commitment until The One comes along, and then I'm in it for the long haul. When did my beauty routine begin to feel so much like my love life? A question for another day, I suppose.

In order to understand what new products I should get into and which are just a passing fad, I spoke with Jessica Richards, the California native who founded Shen Beauty—a boutique destination for all things lovely, undiscovered and organic—in Brooklyn. Then, she signed on as Free People's new beauty buyer as the brand began curating its beauty section. I asked her how she knew what products to buy—how trends come about and how she can so flawlessly stay ahead of the curve.

"I personally don't buy on trend," she responded, "but rather, I look for products from a truly great brand and then think about the direction I know the industry is moving. Meaning, I ask myself What is missing? or What are people craving in life?"

She expanded, "I think, in general, this new 'wellness' category has come about because it's relative to what we are all experiencing in the world." I agree with her, mentioning that even as an editor, it's evident we're at a crossroads in the industry—it's a time where we are all longing for something less manufactured and airbrushed. "We want something real to relate to and latch on to," she muses, nodding her head.

Richards continued, "I buy from my gut. I think that's what I do differently than almost all beauty buyers and why I started my company and continue to help others find their voice. For larger companies like Free People, it's What does our girl want? What does she like? What does she relate to? What does she need in her life that she doesn't know yet? My store (and the beauty category at Free People) is meant to be a place to learn and be educated." It seems the industry took notice.

Keep scrolling for the five products Jessica Richards recommends you buy before they sell out.