10 Spring-Scented Candles You Need Now

Candles bridge the gap between beauty and homeware. Many share the same scent as our favourite perfumes, meaning you and your home can boast an aroma that's in tune. Candles sit happily on dressing tables among our beauty collections or line our baths, creating a much-needed spa-like ambiance. And once empty, the glass jars make perfect pots for makeup brushes to stand happily to attention.

The thing is, just like our homeware and makeup, candles are seasonal. Right now you'll be contemplating switching your everyday foundation for a tinted moisturiser or that nine-tog winter duvet for a five, so why not switch up your candles too? A heavy, woody or spicy scent can be too much now the lighter spring days have arrived. Keep scrolling for the 10 candles we'll be shopping for this season, plus the top tips on how to care for them.

Want to keep your candle in the best condition? Follow this guide to candle etiquette (yep, it's a thing).

Candle Etiquette:

Don't burn a candle for longer than four hours or for less than one. To ensure an even burn make sure the whole surface of the candle is molten before extinguishing.

Do keep the wick trimmed to 6mm at all times to prevent it from smoking.

Do wait until the candle has solidified before re-lighting.

Don't burn the candle right down to the glass, this can damage it.

Don't chuck out an empty glass vessel! Freeze it overnight so the residual wax shrinks, wash with hot water and you have a decorative storage pot for makeup brushes or pens.

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