The 5 Spring Beauty Trends Men Love Most

If you’ve ever asked your brother, dad, or boyfriend a makeup-related question, you know that there is serious comedy in having men explain anything having to do with beauty. In the confusing world of eyeshadow, hairspray, and glitter, it’s always interesting to see how their opinions on looks line up with our own. That’s why, after reading seemingly endless reviews and roundups of beauty looks poised to trend for spring, we decided to take it to a group with a little less invested in the matter: guy friends.

We showed a group of six veritably different male friends of Byrdie’s a super-compilation of spring’s trending beauty looks. Supplied with magazines, slideshows, and a voice recorder, and, some liquid encouragement (also pronounced: beer), they began sharing their honest, unfiltered (and uncensored) opinions about the spring beauty looks those of us submerged in the beautysphere have been talking about since last September. 

Some trends were liked, some trends were hated, and some trends were across-the-board beloved. Here are the five universal favourites.

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[Full disclaimer: we here at Byrdie are firm believers that you can—and should—wear whichever beauty looks you please. Beauty is a form of expression, and you and only you should decide how you present yourself to the world. This is merely a look into how men outside of the beauty realm perceive the looks that inspire our beauty routines. Enjoy.]