This South Korean Skin Brand Is Going to Be Huge This Year

Have you heard of TonyMoly? If you haven’t, you will soon. It’s a South Korean beauty brand (ah, now we have your attention) that has just dropped online at Cult Beauty. Founded in 2006, it doesn’t take itself too seriously, and the packaging is downright adorable—we’re talking pandas and bunnies. But don’t let the cute designs that call to your inner child deceive you, the formulations are cutting-edge and the ingredients are innovative. Korean women demand a lot from their skincare and this brand delivers. Keep scrolling for our top picks from TonyMoly.


For those who suffer from puffiness, Panda is your new best friend. Instantly cooling, the eye stick works fast to hide signs of fatigue but cumulatively to smooth lines and boost collagen in the delicate eye area. It's a handbag essential.


A multitasking wonder: Wear this imperfection-blurring balm alone on weekends, or when you’re having a GSD (good skin day). Mix with a matte foundation to turn it dewy, or apply to cheekbones as a highlighter for added sheen on nights out. Crushed pearls are the glow-givers, while argan, almond and jojoba oils leave your skin soft and supple.


Sheet masks are Korea’s most successful skincare export. This mask contains lemon (along with various other citrus extracts), and the fruit acids work in 20 minutes to decongest the skin and brighten the overall complexion—perfect pre or post party as a pick-me-up.


A self-heating mask, the warmth acts like a steam treatment for the face. Sea salt combined with charcoal draw impurities out of the skin like a magnet. Fear the salt will dry out your skin? Vitamin E and egg shell powder maintain moisture levels in the skin. TonyMoly thinks of everything.


Fruity lip gloss–stain hybrids, these impart a pretty wash of colour to lips without the dreaded stickiness. Glycerin and wax ensure lips are nourished too.

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