This Celeb-Favourite Hairstyle Will Help You Get Taken More Seriously

Good news for your morning routine: It turns out less actually IS more. When prepping for that big meeting or interview, we all strive for a look that screams #ladyboss. But getting there with your hair never feels simple. So what’s the solution? Try styling a part down the center. Making what might be only a minor adjustment to your usual look can help you to maintain eye contact and hold the attention of your audience. On the flip side, overly styled hair, though it can help us feel more prepared for a big day at the office, may come off as clueless to clients and corporate peers. Our favourite example is Kim Kardashian, who in recent months has moved away from complicated hairstyles, opting instead to part her hair down the middle when she wears it down or in a slick, low ponytail. Don’t get us wrong; we still love a dramatic side part, but we’re just suggesting MAYBE make like the below babes and keep the high ponytails and deep parts for an off-duty day. Or, you know, a hot Tinder date. Keep scrolling for five celebs rocking the sophisticated center part.