Taylor Hill and Bella Hadid Use This Trick to Fall Asleep Fast


Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images/Staff

Sleep music is set to be your new favourite thing. Well, if you have trouble falling asleep, that is. And since plenty of us are in the habit of late-night Insta scrolling, that has to be a lot of us, right? Well, we're not alone, as Bella Hadid and Taylor Hill have both revealed to me in recent weeks that when it comes to falling asleep, they employ meditation music to help them drift off fast.

As Hill told Byrdie UK, "Sleep is a really big one for me. A lot of the time, at night, I think a lot, and I can't stop thinking, so I play meditation music. You know the music they play in a spa? I looked it up on iTunes, and it's a thing, you know? It exists, besides in a spa. If I feel really jet-lagged or can't sleep and can't stop thinking, it's a really great distraction; as you listen to the music, your brain turns off, and it helps you fall asleep because it's reminding you of a relaxing situation."

Hadid, who has been travelling a lot recently promoting Dior's new Pump 'N' Volume mascara, uses the same tactic as Hill when it comes to sleep and music. "Meditation music [helps me fall asleep]. You can find it on iTunes; it's specific, so it's like there's meditation track 1, meditation track 2 and so on. It helps me go to sleep in 5 minutes."

Over the years, scientists have carried out various studies into the effect music has on not just falling asleep but also sleep quality. In one study, relaxing music improved sleep quality in patients with sleep complaints, another study showed that music that is familiar helped speed up the falling-asleep process for students, while a final study that looked into how to improve sleep for elderly women showed music didn't just assist them in falling asleep, but it also reduced the number of times they woke up during the night.

The secret appears to be in finding relaxing sleep music that you enjoy, and with familiarity being a factor, it appears that the more you listen to the music, the more effective it could become. Another study found that classical music was more effective at helping people with insomnia fall asleep compared with doing nothing or listening to an audio book. But, the overriding advice from the studies and experts appears to be, when listening to music to help you fall asleep, go for something neutral. Music can create pretty powerful reactions; if you're loving the new Drake album, and it makes you want to tap your feet, it's probably not ideal to listen to before bed, which is why sleep music is a wise choice.

Download music for deep sleep on iTunes. Or listen to this Spotify Sleep Music playlist below.