10 Products That Help My Pale, Sun-Damaged, Combination Skin Look Good Every Day

Investing in a comprehensive skincare routine is both relatable and incredibly specific. While we all want our skin to look good (glowy, clear, even, and plump), the means by which we get there is entirely different. My skin, while mostly unproblematic, does have some built-in stipulations: It's combination (meaning I don't break out that often but have consistent congestion along my nose and chin), damaged from years of sun-worshipping, and very fair. So my chosen products have to reflect that.

After years of honing in on exactly what I want from a product and how best to find a formula that works for me, I've come up with an arsenal that keeps everything in tip-top shape. From an essential oil–infused cleanser and serums that nix discoloration, add moisture, and brighten to an anti-inflammatory, anti-aging moisturizer and skin-smoothing, pH-balancing toner, find the products that make my skin look good every day. If your skin is like mine, they'll help you too.