Your Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazing Skin At EVERY Age

Reality check: everyone ages (except for J.Lo, it seems). As our age ticks upwards, our skin does the opposite—wrinkles, drooping, and dullness are all issues that that happen naturally as we get older. Ideally, the goal is to find a regimen that allows you and your skin to age gracefully, and more importantly, happily and confidently.

Though the fountain of youth may be a myth, there are modern products and procedures that mimic its effects (thank you, science). But with all the serums, masks, peels, and treatments out there, it can be confusing knowing what to use when. Are your 20’s too early to start using retinols? What ingredients should you look out for in your 40’s? Is 30 too young to start Botox? To help you always put your best face forward, we spoke with Dr. Marina Peredo, dermatologist and associate clinical professor of Dermatology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York, and asked for her advice on the best things you can be doing for your skin at every age.


Click through the slideshow for our ultimate guide to getting amazing skin at every decade of your life!