I Try Hundreds of Skin Products a Month—These Are the 15 I Always Recommend

For much of my 20s, I experienced terrible hormonal acne along my jawline that just wouldn’t budge. I tried tweaking my contraceptive pill (with varying degrees of success), changing up my diet (giving up skimmed milk definitely made a difference) and even ditching oil from my skincare routine (although these days I use a little here and there—more on that later). It took me 15 years and a lot of trial and error, but this is the skincare routine that took me from acne-prone to glow-prone. When it comes to recommending contraception or diet, I'll leave that to the medical and nutritional professionals. But when it comes to advising on skincare, that I can do. Keep scrolling for the skincare and makeup products I swear by for glowing skin all year round.

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