Go Buy Now: The Genius Mascara That Actually Curls Your Lashes Too

When applying eye makeup, my routine always includes an eyelash curler. It's not like it takes that long to do a quick one minute on either eye, but in the mornings, any precious extra moments I can get in bed is no bad thing. Which means I'm constantly looking for new wonder products that can shorten my makeup-applying time. And while there are plenty of mascaras on the market that claim you'll be able to do away with your trusty eyelash curler, there are few that truly deliver this promise. That was until I met Sisley's Mascara So Curl. Keep scrolling to read our review of the mascara and what it does to your eyelashes.

The mascara comes in a short, stocky tube, with a thick and soft brush. Even on first application, I noticed that the wand doesn't pull out too much product. This is good news because it doesn't do that annoying thing of leaving half the mascara on your eyelids. Then there's the shape of the wand. Instead of being straight it is slightly curved, mimicking the line of your eyelid to reach all your lashes in one go. Not just makeup, oh no, this also contains a vitamin-rich peptide, which is meant to give you more length and thickness over time, plus pro-vitamin B5 that keeps your lashes moisturised even after you've gone at them with your eye makeup remover. But, added extras aside, does it really deliver what it says it's supposed to? 

In short, yes. I'm lucky to have long eyelashes ("So you agree, you think you're really pretty?"), but at the same time they point out straight (I know, world's smallest violin), so if I want to make my eyes look more open, then an eyelash curler is a must. When I went to apply this mascara, I left out the curling part of my makeup routine and took the wand and started at the root of my eyelashes, coating them all the way to the tips. I had to use a few coats, and I made sure the roots were well covered, but I was impressed with the results. I ended up with curled lashes that looked more natural than spidery, which is surely what we're all aiming for anyway.

While it seems that the beauty about this Sisley mascara is that you won't need to faff around with a curler anymore, the other plus points are that it thoroughly moisturises my lashes, and when I run a finger over them, I can barely feel any product. The final, and very important, clincher? It doesn't leave that crumbly residue that loads of mascaras do. That alone should seal the deal. 

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