Sienna Miller and the Elegant Updo: A Visual Case Study

Updos are the Audrey Hepburn of the hair world: understated, elegant, and timeless. It takes someone like Sienna Miller—queen of slip dresses and leather jackets—to come along, however, and make the pulled-back style actually cool. While other A-listers opt for old-school waves or brushed-out curls, Miller consistently favours twisted-back strands teased with a light touch on the red carpet. Ahead is a visual case study on all the ways Miller has made us reconsider the updo, and subsequently feel shameful for ever writing it off as a stuffy grandma 'do (no offence, Grandma—love you always). Warning: may cause strong urge to unearth every lost bobby pin in your bathroom abyss.

Keep scrolling for definitive proof that Sienna Miller is the queen of updos!

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