True Life: I’m Addicted to This Texturizing Spray

If I were to appear in an episode of MTV’s long-running series True Life the episode would be undoubtedly be titled True Life: I’m Addicted to Texturizing Spray. I imagine this would be a jam-packed episode, as texture addicts are a growing population. Like many fellow addicts, I’ve never really met a texturizing spray I didn’t like, but once I tried Shu Uemura’s Texture Wave Dry Finishing Spray ($38) all those other products dropped out of my rotation. Almost unwittingly, my usual standbys kept getting pushed back further and further into my beauty cabinet. Now it’s a texture spray graveyard back there, and for good reason.

I admit I rarely put more than 30 seconds of effort into my hair, which is exactly why I’ve fallen madly in love with this product. Unlike the texture sprays I was used to (the ones that I once thought I loved), Shu Uemura’s texturizer requires minimal finessing. At first, it almost felt wrong to spirtz twice and go, but that’s all my hair needs. The texture is buildable, so if I wanted to, I could keep spritzing and never reach the sticky stage. The hold is flexible, but never wet, so hair has plenty of movement. I even use it to build volume at the roots. The possibilities are endless. Texture addicts, this one’s for you.

What’s your favourite texture spray?