Could This Small Shower Hack Save Your Dry Skin?

It's something you probably never think about, but the water in your area could be affecting your skin and hair health. In the UK, we're in the extremely privileged position to have easy access to clean water. The levels of chlorine found in UK tap water are low, as are the levels of endocrine-disrupting hormones. With that being said, many people choose to filter their drinking water, so it's not really surprising that filtering your bathing water has become an option, too.

You might have noticed (especially if you've ever lived in an area of hard water) that the water from your daily bath or shower can affect your skin and hair. Personally, when I moved to London, I noticed that my skin became a lot drier, and often feels tight or itchy after showering. Sure, it could be put down to other external factors, but whenever I head back home to the countryside, I do find that my skin changes again.