7 Chic Ways to Style Short Hair, Courtesy of Pinterest

For the two-plus decades that I sported long hair, I always assumed that length made my mane more versatile. I've only needed two weeks with my freshly chopped bob to understand that exactly the opposite is true.

In addition to having far more styling options than I could have anticipated, the major difference is that it also requires so much less effort. Gone are my unwieldy, dry strands that took such a significant amount of time and effort to tame that I usually just relied on a messy bun or ponytail to get me through the workweek. As a result, there were many days when I didn't really feel like I was presenting my best self.

But now I know that it really is about quality over quantity. True, I have much less hair to work with, but it's manageable and healthy, so I want to work with it. I have the resolve; now I just need the inspiration. This list of short styles—one for every day of the week—ought to do it.