Thinking About Chopping Your Hair? Read This First.

There’s something incredibly cathartic about chopping off your locks. Maybe it’s the thrill (and slight terror) you feel when your ponytails fall to the ground in one swift snip. Maybe it’s the fact that you suddenly feel that much cooler strolling down the street with your daring new ‘do. But how are you supposed to know if you’re really ready to rock a shorter style, or if it’s just a passing whim brought on after seeing pictures of Emma Watson’s pixie, circa 2010?

We asked Edward Tricomi, celeb hairstylist and co-founder of Warren-Tricomi salons in NYC, for his thoughts. “Deciding to go short is a really personal decision that should not be done spur-of-the-moment, [since most] women tend to be very particular about their hair,” he says. He recommends asking your hairstylist and yourself a couple of key questions to make sure you won’t regret your chop later.

Click through the slideshow above to find out what they are!


Photo courtesy of Nathaniel Goldberg for VOGUE